Culture - an inseparable part of the rich history of Armenia. There are over 4000 historical monuments connected to various periods of the country’s development from prehistoric to Hellenistic era, and from early to medieval Christian era. Feudal fortress-castles scattered on the territory of the country.


Ancient and medieval Armenian music has rich rhythm and melody. In the beginning of XIX century the Armenian musical life have risen significantly. Armenia is proud of world known composers Aram Khachatouryan and Komitas.


Carpet making is not only a fine art in Armenia, but Kilim weaving, for example, is used for clothing items, bags, and soft furnishings. Armenian cross-stones (khachqars) are the brilliant phenomenon of art of the middle ages. Armenian paintings, mosaic art and miniatures have started from the 8th century B.C. and have reached our days. More than 17000 manuscripts are stored in The Institute of the ancient manuscripts-Matenadaran in Yerevan.


Armenia kept the rich traditions of its culture and made a unique and valuable contribution to the world culture.


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