Restaurants and cafes in and around Yerevan offer a wide variety of cuisines to choose from traditional Armenian, Georgian and Russian food, and experience the amazing flavors of both eastern and western cuisines. The Armenian national cuisine can satisfy the most exacting gourmet who can enjoy khash, harissa, dolma, khorovats (barbecued shish kebab), khashlama, kyufta, ishkhan fish from Lake Sevan served in a friendly atmosphere. Lavash (Armenian bread) is prepared in tonir, a special cylinder made of clay buried in the ground.


The art of wine and beer making has existed in Armenia from time immemorial. Cognac is the number one souvenir. Winston Churchill drank Armenian cognac (Dvin) regularly to the last days of his life. Mineral water of various healing effects is widely bottled here. Armenia offers pure organic fruits, vegetables, milk and meat products and healthy food.


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