Armenia's telecommunications sector is small but growing. With over 600,000 fixed-line subscribers for a population of around 3.5 million, the level of investment in infrastructure and new services has begun to increase. There are, however, major structural issues to be addressed in the sector. Beeline is the country's national fixed telephone service exclusive provider and mobile service provider. The second mobile service provider was launched in mid-2005 after the government awarded a license to K-Telecom (trading as VivaCell MTS). The mobile market has been growing strongly and in 2008 the third mobile operator was launched - France Telecom /Orange/. This report looks at the overall state of telecommunications in Armenia and provides a selection of pertinent market statistics. 


The IDD code for the country is 374 + the city code (10 for Yerevan). Direct outgoing international calls are made by dialing 00, followed by the country code and the local number (calls within Armenia - 0 + city code + local number). Operator-assisted calls are ordered by dialing 107 (within Armenia, CIS, and international).


Cellular phone codes are (+374)91, (+374)99 for BeeLine and (+374)93, (+374)94 and (+374)77 for VivaCell/MTS.

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